Spiritual Development (Pre K-2)

  • SD1: Begin to know Jesus is God’s Son
  • SD2: Begin to know Bible is God’s Word
  • SD3: Begin to know God loves us
  • SD4: Begin to know Jesus helps people
  • SD5: Begin to learn short Bible verses and thoughts
  • SD6: Begin to recall Bible lessons

Social and Emotional (Pre K-2)

  • SE1: Begin to show affection and regard for people and their possessions
  • SE2: Begin to form and maintain secure relationships with others
  • SE3: Demonstrate increasing emotional regulation
  • SE4: Demonstrate increasing behavioral regulation
  • SE5: Begin to share with others
  • SE6: Begin participation in Circle Time for at least 10 minutes
  • SE7: Begin to use good manners
  • SE8: Remain seated at designated table times

Discovery (Pre K-2)

  • D1: Begin to know many kinds of animals exist
  • D2: Begin to know animals move in different ways
  • D3: Begin to know most plants make seeds for new plants
  • D4: Begin to know seeds grow into plants with roots, stems, leaves, and flower
  • D5: Begin to know air is everywhere
  • D6: Begin to know water has weight

Language and Literacy (Pre K-2)

  • LL1: Gain meaning through listening
  • LL2: Begin to speak clearly enough to be understood by most listeners
  • LL3: Begin to participate in simple conversations
  • LL4: Show growing interest in print and books
  • LL5: Attempt to sing the alphabet in order
  • LL6: Begin recognizing some letters
  • LL7: Begin to recognize their written name (first name)
  • LL8: Begin to listen and recall simple stories

Creative Arts (Pre K-2)

  • CA1: Begin to participate in group music experiences
  • CA2: Begin to participate in creative movement and dance
  • CA3: Begin to develop self-expression
  • CA4: Clap and march to music
  • CA5: Repeat short songs
  • CA6: Explore the use of various drawing and art tools

Cognitive Development (Pre K-2)

  • CD1: Begin sorting objects into two categories (size, shape, or color)
  • CD2: Begin to understand concept of full and empty
  • CD3: Begin to identify parts of the body
  • CD4: Attempt to count to at least 10
  • CD5: Begin to recognize numbers 1-5
  • CD6: Know some basic shapes
  • CD7: Know some basic colors
  • CD8: Begin matching shapes

Motor Skills (Pre K-2)


  • MS1: Attempt to catch a large ball
  • MS2: Begin to roll a large ball to target
  • MS3: Kick a ball
  • MS4: Jump with both feet


  • MS5: Begin to understand how to use plastic (play dough) scissors correctly
  • MS6: Begin to use glue with help
  • MS7: Use one hand to turn the pages of a book one page at a time
  • MS8: Build a tower of ten blocks
  • MS9: Is able to do simple hand and coordination activities (pegs in pegboard, puzzles)
  • MS10: Begin learning how to hold a crayon correctly
  • MS11: Use scribbles and unconventional shapes to convey messages