Spiritual Development (VPK)

  • SD1: Know Jesus is God’s Son
  • SD2: Know Bible is God’s Word
  • SD3: Know God loves us
  • SD4: Know Jesus helps people
  • SD5: Learn short Bible verses and thoughts
  • SD6: Recall Bible lessons

Social and Emotional (VPK)

  • SE1: Show affection and regard for people and their possessions
  • SE2: Participate in Circle Time
  • SE3: Be able to sit properly in a chair
  • SE4: Be able to walk in a line
  • SE5: Share with others
  • SE6: Good manners – social graces
  • SE7: Feel good about self and abilities

Discovery (VPK)

  • D1: Know many kinds of animals exist
  • D2: Know animals move in different ways
  • D3: Know most plants make seeds for new plants
  • D4: Know seeds grow into plants with roots, stems, leaves, and flower
  • D5: Know air is everywhere
  • D6: Know water has weight
  • D7: Ability to predict results

Language and Literacy (VPK)

  • LL1: Recite the alphabet in order – say, not sing
  • LL2: Recognize upper and lower case letters
  • LL3: Know basic letter sounds
  • LL4: Know and write name
  • LL5: Engage in conversation
  • LL6: Listen to and recall stories
  • LL7: Understand opposites
  • LL8: Understand rhyming words
  • LL9: Understand prepositions (in, out, over under, on , off, top, bottom)
  • LL10: Understand syllables
  • LL11: Understand blending of sounds
  • LL12: Understand compound words

Creative Arts (VPK)

  • CA1: Participate in group music experiences
  • CA2: Participate in creative movement, dance, and drama
  • CA3: Develop self-expression
  • CA4: Claps and march to music
  • CA5: Repeat short songs
  • CA6: Explore the use of various drawing and art tools

Cognitive Development (VPK)

  • CD1: Be able to follow three step instructions
  • CD2: Know name, age, and sex
  • CD3: Be able to identify parts of the body
  • CD4: Put together 10 to 15 piece puzzles
  • CD5: Begin logical thinking
  • CD6: Count to at least 30
  • CD7: Begin to count by 10’s
  • CD8: Recognize numbers 1-30
  • CD9: Name all basic shapes
  • CD10: Name all basic colors
  • CD11: Begin writing 1-10
  • CD12: Sort objects into three categories (size, shape, or color)
  • CD13: Match shapes
  • CD14: Copy simple patterns
  • CD15: Construct sets of blocks when given a model
  • CD16: Understanding of ordinal numbers

Motor Skills (VPK)


  • MS1: Catch a large ball
  • MS2: Roll a large ball to target
  • MS3: Kick a ball
  • MS4: Throw a bean bag at a target
  • MS5: Walk forward and backward
  • MS6: Jump with both feet
  • MS7: Hop on one foot
  • MS8: Run or gallop


  • MS9: Use scissors correctly
  • MS10: Able to use glue correctly
  • MS11: Able to button, snap, and zip
  • MS12: Display hand and eye coordination
  • MS13: Holds crayon or pencil correctly
  • MS14: Write first name correctly
  • MS15: Write some letters and numbers
  • MS16: Color within boundaries